Best Camping Tents

Our Review of the Best Camping Tents

As you prepare for your adventures in the great outdoors, worrying about your sleeping arrangements should be as simple as possible. When picking the tent just right for your travels it is important to assess the wants and needs you have. Some key points to think about are how many people are you accommodating, what type of weather could you be encountering, your price-point, and the weight/transportation. We’ve reviewed ten of the best camping tents in hopes to make your decision a little easier. Making sure your investment will last for years to come with durability and reliability takes some research and scanning reviews. Make sure you are prepared and aware of weather conditions. Having a rain fly is important as it acts as a barrier against the rain to keep your tent and belongings inside dry. When assembling your tent knowing how much time it might take to put together and its simplicity helps make your travels less stressful. When staking down your tent, your stake material whether it is plastic or aluminum could dictate durability against possible windy weather conditions. Depending on its occupancy you could be pressed for space. Whether you are snug with your fellow travelers or spacious some tents come with additional awnings or vestibules for you to store luggage outside of the tent. This is another feature that some tents have that campers or hikers might be searching for. Regardless of the tent you choose being practical and prepared will help you for whatever might come your way. Practice camping etiquette by cleaning up trash and using your campsite in a way that does not harm or hinder the environment in and around it. A few helpful tips while camping is to not leave food out, bring plenty of water or have a way to get clean water, bring a flashlight, and pack a first aid kit. Having your necessities close by, along with your traveling companions you are guaranteed to have a blast.

1. Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent

The first tent on our list is the Coleman Sundome 4-Person tent!  Inverted seams and welded floors from its WeatherTec system aids in keeping any wet weather you encounter out of your tent. Increased air circulation comes from the two windows and ground vent which increases comfortability. Included is a door awning and a rainfly for additional weather protection. When not using the rainfly the screen panels on the top for ventilation end up allowing for great views. Having a door awning is a great feature depending on the weather for an area of shelter to take off shoes before entering inside. This feature would also be helpful in having an area to eat incase unfavorable weather appeared and you did not want to track food inside the tent. Inside the tent, it’s spacious enough to fit a queen size airbed. Reviewers stated that two could fit but it could end up taking up a majority of the floor space. Keep in mind that tent occupancy usually just takes into consideration that it is a place to sleep and not so much additional living spaces unless indicated otherwise. To keep you organized there are small storage pockets to keep necessities at reach like a small flashlight or glasses. Features the Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent comes with are snag-free pole sleeves, e-port for bringing electrical power inside your tent with ease, expandable carry bag. Its dimensions are 9ft. x 7ft. and 4ft. 11in. center height. This tent can come in colors from green, to navy and then with the Dark Room Technology those models can come in a Green/ Black/ Teal combination.  Overall this is a great tent for families looking for adventure!



2. Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent

The next tent on our list is the Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent!  The Marmor Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent comes in two sizes for either 2 or 3 people. This lightweight tent allows for easy travel suitable for either backpacking or camping. The Crane Creek 2 has a weight of 5.31lb and the Crane Creek 3 is 6.31lb. This two layer tent allows for the dome tent to be protected by a full coverage fly. This fly protects the tent and those inside from wet weather. This tent has the ability to be fully waterproof all the while not sacrificing ventilation and air circulation. Vents can be propped open to ample ventilation to release built up heat or relief stuffy air. The Crane Creek Tent features two D-shaped doors for access points. The poles which create the frame of the tent are made up of three, two which create an X formation while the third is a shorter pole that intersects the X creating a brow like structure giving the doors and center of the tent height. The peak height the poles create within the tent is around 46in. or 3ft. 10in. Both tent sizes come with two vestibules on opposite sides of the tent. Each of these vestibules function as two panel coverings over the doors. Either one panel can be used as a windbreaker instead of enclosing both doors. Overall this tent gives explorers an option based on size and on versatility through weight and shielding weather away.  This is a great tent for those looking for a lightweight and versatile tent!



3. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

The next tent on our list is the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent!  The Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent has great popularity when camping with family or friends with room for 8 and a separate screen room. This screen room is great for entertaining while offering weather protection but still getting to enjoy being in the outdoors. The tent is a cabin-style tent with high, straight, steep walls, which is great for height. It also has a dome style top as the vertical side poles support it. Unfortunately this style has its downfall, as it can be unstable against strong winds. Between the large sleeping space and the screened room there is a removable door, which can create some separation from the two rooms. This separating door has a circular shape so for families this is a fun feature for children. Although this tent allows for 8 people and is great for families, it can also be used for couples that would like a more spacious tent while using the screened room as a sitting area. Features this tent includes the front awning, rain fly, zippered windows, mesh roof vents, gear loft, and a carrying bag. Excluding the screen room the tent has 2 other windows in the other section of the tent. Including the screen porch the floor area consists of about 90+ square feet. This tent comes in two different color options of Blue and then Grey/ Taupe. Overall this is a great tent for those looking for large spaces!



4. CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

The next tent on our list is the CORE 9 person extended dome tent!  The CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent has a 14×9 floor plan able to accommodate 9 persons in sleeping bags while of course being able to sleep fewer persons while bringing in more luggages. The tent can fit 3 queen air mattresses along the floor of the tent. The center height of this tent is 72 inches. To keep items off the tent floor there is a gear loft with a lantern hook plus pockets to keep items organized and accessible. To bring electricity inside there is a electrical cord access port. This port can also be closed when it is not in use for secure enclosure. To keep the tent in place it does come with fiberglass tent poles for the structure. The weight of the pack is around 18 lbs., but keep in mind that while it is substantial in weight especially for backpacking this tent accommodates a large group. The CORE 9 Person Extended Dome tent has H2O Block technology to keep water outside with heat sealed seams from the rainfly down to the floor. Air intake vents have been placed around the base of the tent, which helps draw cool air into the tent while the mesh ceiling allows for the hot air to escape.  That being said, this is a great large sized tent for families!



5. Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent

The next tent on our list is the Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent!  An extended door awning juts out from above the front door of the tent creating a space to take cover from the weather to get wet gear off or to store gear before entering the tent. The tilted windows can be left open in the rain as they keep water out while still allowing air circulation throughout the space. The door follows a hinge system to allow for easy entry and exit to and from the outdoors. Floor space within the tent does allow for 3 air mattresses while smaller items can be neatly stored in the interior storage pockets. The floor plan covers an area of 16 ft. by 7 ft. Water is kept out through its patented corner welds and inverted seams courtesy of its WeatherTec system. The mesh ceiling allows for you to gaze at the stars on clear enjoyable nights while the included rainfly can keep wet weather out on unfavorable nights. Six built in CPX LED lights that provide 100 lumens within the tent. Four D batteries can power the lights or you can use the CPX 6 rechargeable power cartridge and comes with a USB compatible energy pack to charge items. This is a great family tent with some nice built in technological features!



6. Wenzel Great Basin Tent

The next tent on our list is the Wenzel Great Basin Tent!  The Wenzel Great Basin Tent can house 10 people at once. Two separate rooms can be created with a hanging divider curtain that runs along the interior. The D style door comes with an inside flap zippered window which can be closed for privacy or kept open as another window to the outdoors. There are four mesh windows and three mesh roof vents. These windows come with privacy flaps that can be closed. This tent comes with stakes, a gear loft, two hanging pockets, and storage duffel. There is an e-port for electrical cord access. The structures poles are made of shock-corded fiberglass. Structurally there is a fly ridgepole, which provides a protective awning over the front door and back window. These two awnings run along the two long sides of the tent. The tent has a peak height of 72 inches. The floor area covers 159 sq. ft. The Wenzel Great Basin Tent has integrated Lite Reflect technology that beams an even glow around when you direct a flashlight or headlamp in the gear loft for it to reflect off the build-in reflective panel. This is a helpful and innovative way to illuminate the tent without having to place a lantern on the ground in the center of the tent.  This is one of the largest tents on our list, and it’s great for large trips!



7. Campla Camping Tent 2 Person 4 Season Backpacking Tent Waterproof Lightweight Outdoor Shelter Recreation Tent with LED for Hiking Mountaineering Travel Family

The next tent on our list is the Campla Camping Tent.  This tent is suitable for recreational outdoor activities like camping, fishing, hiking, and activities alike. The waterproof and windproof outdoor tent is made of durable anti-wear Polyester as it can accommodate roughly 2-3 people depending on how tight you would like your sleeping quarters to be. Campla tents specialize in water resistance and wind resistance. The exterior rainfly can be rolled up and fastened into the inner tent with a built-in buckle for easy stow away when weather shapes up during your trip. Partial mesh doors and top part with prop-up triangle windows help increase ventilation throughout the tent. These features allow you to be one step closer to the outdoors. Whether that is stargazing, enjoying the sunshine, or feeling the breeze in the air. This backpacking tent has incorporated an LED USB Light Strip allowing for the compatible USB port to light up. This gadget is also removable, waterproof, and insulated. There is a triangular mesh pocket inside of the tent to hold smaller gadgets and easily accessible items. The small patterned details on the tent are fun and add personality. The two different main colors are blue and green while the patterned details compliment. Overall this tent is great for adventurists looking for a portable, waterproof and windproof tent with fun accented designs.



8. YUEBO Lightweight Camping Tent, 2-person Backpacking Tent Waterproof, 3-season Tent Double Layer Rain Fly with Carry Bag

The next tent on our list is the YUEBO Lightweight Camping Tent!  This spacious and comfortable two-person tent has a base of 7ft by 5ft while the height is roughly 4.3 ft. although not large, this tent is cozy and provides travelers with the necessities at a reasonable price. While storing this tent away it can compactly weigh only 6.3lbs. While setup without the fly covering the tent the mesh ceiling creates ventilation and ample viewing of the sky and stars on a clear night. From getting inside and out there are two zip-away D-shaped doors. The doors come with two zippered mesh windows for air circulation. With a lantern hoop and inner pockets you are guaranteed to be organized and illuminated at night. The fly and inner tent is made up of 190T fabric with a waterproof index up to 2000mm. A unique feature with this rainfly is that it is UV-protected so it can be used independently as a canopy or awning. The YUEBO Lightweight 2-Person Camping Tent stands apart from others, as it is more on the affordable end instead of spending premium unaffordable tents. Having the necessities and getting outdoors with money still in your pocket for those adventures you’re looking forward to be still feasible. Overall this is a great lightweight, rainproof tent for 2 people!



9. TNH Outdoors 2 Person Camping & Backpacking Tent With Carry Bag And Stakes – Portable Lightweight Easy Setup Hiking Tent

The next tent on our list is the TNH Outdoors 2 person tent.  This TNH Outdoors tent is made out of environmentally friendly material that makes you even one step closer to the outdoors. This material is also waterproofed, durable, and breathable. One of TNH’s missions is to reduce 10 billion tons of waste for the outdoor community. The company wants users of their products to know that they are part of the change to a more sustainable future. When purchasing a TNH tent you know you are getting a tent from a company that consciously appreciates the outdoors and wants others to do the same. This tent comes in a vibrant teal color along with a unique shape that has a heightened domed center peak. A carrying case allows for this tent to be packed up tightly and compact for convenient travel. The unique part of this structure is it’s made out of a 1 aluminum pole system instead of multiple like other tents. It also comes with aluminum tent stakes and reflective rope to improve its visibility and safety at night. When the rainfly is not on and it is just the inner shell of the tent the upper part is all a mesh ceiling great for views. The hinge style door is also mesh.   This is a great portable and lightweight tent that is actually extremely easy to setup.



10. Hyke & Byke Zion Two Person Backpacking Tent with Footprint – Lightweight, Spacious Interior, Compact, and Durable Design

The next tent on our list is the Hyke & Byke Zion two person-backpacking tent.  With a variety of color options, the Hyke & Byke Zion Two Person Backpacking Tent comes in Blue, Forest Green, Lime Green, and Orange. This lightweight two-person tent has mesh walls for all around outdoor views. When the rainfly is on it protects everything inside from rain. Its bathtub floor and taped floor seams create ultimate stormy weather protection. The rainfly and floor are made out of durable polyester non-stretch fabric. The peak of the tent comes in at 42 inches in height so it is more of a crouching height within the tent so it is suitable to sleep two. While laying down long ways in the tent, it extends a total of 90 inches, which is approximately 7 ½ feet or 2.29 meters. For easy set-up this tent’s structure is created through 1 pole while the pole clip attachments bring the tent to form. There are two access doors and two vestibules designed for easy access to gear storage. This tent can be packed down small into a carrying sack for easy carrying while camping or hiking while weighing just over 3lbs. A little bit about the Hyke & Byke company, they have partnered with kiva to donate 10% back to fund microloans to help others around the world. Overall this is a great tent made by a great company!




Different travelers might require different features and qualities in their tent. Making sure you know what your must-haves are will make selecting a tent much easier. Selecting a tent for the right seasons as well as protective an suitable weather and more specifically rainflys are important in being prepared. Being able to accommodate all of your travelers weather you decide to bring one large tent or only needing a smaller tent can help when having to transport your tent. Doing your research on the location you will be exploring will help in knowing what type of terrain you might be encountering along with weather. Whether it’s rain or wind having a protective rainfly along with durable stakes can keep you safe and prepared. As a traveler and adventurer always practice proper camping etiquette while being practical and prepared. At the end of your travels and you are back home a helpful tip is to air out your tent. Airing out your tent after your trip goes along with routine care for your investments. Doing this you will be able to clean your tent so it can stay in pristine condition for years to come. It is always important to not store your tent when it is wet. Incase you encountered rain, setting it out will help reduce the possibility of mildew build up. When it has fully dried and it is ready to be stored away for your next adventure, putting it away in a cool dry place lets the tent breathe so it stays fresh. If you enjoyed this article, make sure you check out more of our reviews: