Best Camping Stoves

Let’s say you arrive at your favorite campground in the mountains to spend a weekend with the family. The sun is shining, it’s in the upper 70s, and the smell of the pine trees is music to your nose. Once everything is set up, you break out the camping stove. But when you plop a pan of water down on it, one of the support legs breaks off. There’s no way to fix it and now the entire weekend is in jeopardy because like an army, a family of campers runs on its stomach. Your wife warned you that buying that cheap stove was a mistake. But you were convinced that a portable camping stove is just a camping stove and went ahead with your discount choice. You’re now left with the option of either having to go to someone else in the campground with your pot in hand to ask if you can use their stove or to drive 30 miles to the nearest town to see if someone there sells camping stoves. Don’t let this happen to you. Instead, choose one of the best camping stoves on the market today from the following list. Hopefully you’ll find our reviews helpful if you’re looking for a single burner stove, single burner propane stove, mini gas stove, camping gas stove, 2 burner camping stove, etc… we’re here to help you find the best camping stove for YOU. Enjoy!


1. Coleman 2-Burner Gas Camping Stove

Coleman has been a leader in family-friendly camping gear for over a century. While you’re not going to find a lot of Coleman gear being toted up Mount Everest, you’ll find plenty of it in campgrounds nationwide. Why? Because Coleman gear is well-built and reliable. Their Coleman camp stove is one of the best you’ll find. This Coleman camping grill is a perfect example of what the company does right. It features a nickel-chrome plated cooking grate, 2 burners that each pump out 10,000 BTUs of heat, a high-pressure regulator that ensures an even flow of gas in all conditions and wind baffles to keep nature at bay. Run time on a single-cylinder or propane is anywhere from 1 to 4.5 hours, depending on how high the flame. This is the latest iteration of a design Coleman has manufactured for decades. With this Coleman gas stove being the sleekest and lightest yet. But that doesn’t mean you can only use it with tiny pans. In fact, you can have a 10 and a 12-inch pan going simultaneously with plenty of room to spare and no compromising on the quality of your cooking efforts with this Coleman camp oven.  



2. Coleman Propane Bottle Top Stove

We’re a little biased when it comes to the Coleman Propane Stove. That’s because a few of our product testers have owned them before and have nothing but good things to say about them. So, full disclosure out of the way, what is it about this propane stove that makes it such a treat? In a word: simplicity. You won’t find another stove that’s as easy to use and yet kicks out anything like the 10,000 BTUs you’ll get here. You can literally have it set up in under a minute and cook anything your heart desires. This Coleman grill stove is remarkably stable thanks to its wide, easy-to-slip-on base. It has an 8-inch burner platform that allows it to accommodate up to a 12-inch pan (just be sure it’s on nice, flat stable ground) and you’ll get hours of use out of a single propane canister with this outdoor propane stove. Coleman has always been about bringing the conveniences of the modern world into the outdoors, and this Coleman stove is a perfect example of that ethos. Powerful and versatile it’s an all-weather wonder that may be a bit heavy for mountaineering but is ideal for any type of recreational camping you have in mind.  



3. Reehut Ultralight Portable Camping Stove

Reehut takes the same approach to the propane camping stove as Coleman does with the just reviewed portable propane stove. That is, the Ultralight Portable Camping Stove screws onto the top of a propane canister and provides a dependable, robust flame for preparing your favorite campground fare. The difference between the two stoves is their priorities. Coleman intends their Bottle Top Stove to be used by recreational campers in roadside campgrounds and state and national parks. Reehut is targeting a slightly different group of outdoor enthusiasts. Those that sling on a backpack and head into the wild. Backpackers have two primary considerations when it comes to things they take along: the amount of space they take up in the pack and the weight. For that reason, the Reehut Ultralight collapses down to virtually nothing, and it weighs just over half a pound. Of course, you’ll also need to bring along fuel. But the Ultralight is designed to fit atop smaller canisters than the Coleman. Features include electronic spark ignition, adjustable flame, and a platform that will accommodate 4.5 pounds.  



4. Coleman 2 Burner Triton Camping Stove

What makes the Triton 2 Burner Camping Stove from Coleman one of the best camping stoves on the market is its all-weather capability, its power and the fact that it cleans up in a snap. Oh, and it’s also large enough to accommodate 2 big pans at the same time. The Triton is a modest step up from the classic Coleman 2 Burner Stove we looked at above, with the main difference being it kicks out even more BTUs so you can cook the thickest steak to perfection in minutes. The unit features the company’s “perfect flow” technology that enables an even, uninterrupted flow of fuel regardless of temperature, wind conditions or fuel left in the canister. The burners are also some of the most efficient Coleman has ever produced, so you won’t waste fuel. And the wind blocks can be folded down and used as side tables on calm days. The Triton uses matchless electronic ignition, which is safe and dependable and keeps your hand away from the flame. All you do is push a button and the burner pops to life. There’s also an optional griddle that makes campground pancakes a very pleasing reality.  



5. Gas One GS-1000 Portable Butane Camping Stove

The Gas One GS-1000 is a true camping “stove.” Just take it out of its carrying case, set it down on the picnic table, insert a butane canister, and flip the switch. Just like that, you have a stable, wide, robust stove capable of pumping out more than 7,500 BTUs. The GS-1000 features electronic ignition. So you don’t have to reach in with a match and potentially burn your fingers if it flares up on you. The GS-1000 is also light, tipping the scale at just 3.1 pounds. And it’s extremely durable. Making it the perfect butane gas stove. There are no-slip rubber feet, an integrated wind guard to keep the flame from blowing out and an automatic shutdown system that stops the gas when uneven flow is detected. The cooking surface also lifts off for easy cleaning. This type of stove is used by millions the world over who don’t have access to natural gas lines or for whom electric stoves are too costly an option. Here in this country, you can use it on the deck to help out during barbeques and keep one on hand in case of natural disasters.  



6. MSR PocketRocket 2 Ultralight Camping Stove

The MSR PocketRocket 2 is another portable gas cooker that sits astride a modest-sized propane canister. It sets up in minutes and, at 2.6 ounces, is no heavier than a pair of gloves. This is not only an ultralight canister-top unit; it’s also an ultra-compact one. Which makes it ideal for taking along on your trek or hunting trip. The PocketRocket will bring a liter of water to boil in only 3.5 minutes, and the flame is completely adjustable so you can reduce to a simmer if your recipe requires. The propane canisters are sold separately, but since they’re only about half the size of what you’d use on the Coleman Bottle Top Stove, you’ll save a lot of weight in your backpack. When you’re ready to hit the trail again, the unit folds down to just 2x2x3 inches. That’s small enough to fit into the side pocket of your tactical pants. If there’s a downside here, it’s that you will need to use a match or lighter to spark it up. So keep your fingers clear.  A small camping stove, but VERY efficient!



7. Coleman Portable Butane Stove

If you do a lot of roadside camping, you really should have one of these in your trunk. The Coleman Portable Butane Stove embodies convenience and reliability and can ensure your weekend is spent enjoying the wonders of nature and not scrambling around for a replacement for that cheapo stove that left you high, dry and hungry. This type of butane stove is made for nice relaxed weekends at the shore or in the mountains. Its main selling point is the fact that it produces a formidable 7,650 BTUs and does so safely and reliably. Not even the most determined wind is going to knock this puppy over. And the flame is set back from the edge of the unit far enough that it doesn’t present a threat to anyone sitting near it. The porcelain-coated grate is super easy to clean, the aluminum body is tough and rust-resistant, and the stove will easily accommodate a 10-inch frying pan. Each butane canister will provide a minimum of 1.5 hours if run continuously on high. Which means, in reality, you’ll likely get several hours out of it. It also comes with a handsome and impact-resistant carrying case.  



8. Iwatani ZA-3HP Portable Butane Stove

We’re of the opinion that for family camping outings it’s hard to beat the affordable safety, convenience and effectiveness of the self-enclosed butane powered camping stove. The Iwatani Portable Butane Stove is another good example of why that’s so. Not only does it provide the no-nonsense setup of other portable stove models on our list, it also kicks out the most BTUs of any comparable butane stove. The 12,000 BTUs it produces are enough to bring a liter of water to a boil in less than 3 minutes and to tackle soups, stews and thick cuts of meat without delay. This is also one of the most handsome looking butane stoves you’ll find. With a sleek contemporary profile that will look as comfortable in your kitchen performing holiday backup service as it will on the picnic table in Zion National Park. The Iwatani Portable Butane Stove features the company’s Heat Panel System that maintains constant fuel pressure throughout, Preventing the loss of pressure you’ll experience with other similar stoves when the butane begins to run low. That’s a nifty feature that ensures high-quality results for your most involved recipes. There is no wind guard, however. So nothing is perfect.  



9. BRS Ultra-Light Titanium Alloy Camping Stove

Of every lightweight backpacking stove we looked at the BRS Ultralight Titanium Alloy tent stove was the lightest. It’s also one of the most compact and, perhaps counterintuitively, it’s also one of the most powerful. We ourselves were not prepared for the astonishing 9,200 BTUs this unit pumps out. For such a small, portable unit, we were expecting about half that. Of course, the tradeoff for a unit that’s so light and compact is that it’s pretty small and isn’t going to handle large pots full of water terribly well. But, as we said, nothing is perfect. The fact is, however, if you’re up for toting a small propane canister into the woods with you the BRS Titanium Alloy Camping Stove will reward you with a fast, reliable start and the ability to cook whatever you brought along in your backpack. This is a lightweight camping stove intended for one or two people. Not for large families or to provide food at company outings. It does what it’s designed to do well, and it’s built to last and won’t rust out from under you should it get wet. You’ll get a little more than half an hour of operation from a 100g canister. So plan accordingly.  



10. Ohuhu Stainless Steel Camping Stove

Lightweight, portable, environmentally friendly, and affordable the Ohuhu Stainless Steel Camping Stove is a great alternative to and portable gas stove. It doesn’t require you to spend a dime on fuel or to lug heavy and potentially dangerous canisters of propane, camping gas or butane into the wild. Instead, it’s powered by loose twigs, dry leaves, and small branches. We love the sense of ingenuity behind this product and its overall effectiveness. No, it’s not going to kick out 12,000 BTUs, but it burns efficiently and should be more than up to the task of boiling water and cooking whatever you have in mind, within reason. That means noodles, soups, oatmeal or even bacon and eggs should you be so inclined. And of course, it’s perfect for your dehydrated meals. The Ohuhu portable wood stove isn’t for everyone. But for one or two people it’s a smart alternative to gas stoves and one that won’t leave a carbon-heavy footprint in its wake. The stainless steel construction is also corrosion resistant and intended for the long haul.  




Camping stoves today are lightweight, affordable and dependable. They’re fashioned from high-quality materials by companies with long years of experience producing outdoor gear. And they’re the answer to what has always been one of the fundamental challenges of the camping experience: How will we get enough to eat? Most of the best camping stoves will operate with admirable reliability in all but the most extreme conditions. And any of the stoves on our list will serve you well for years to come. Remember: the best backpacking stove is not a luxury. It’s an absolute necessity. Whether you’re heading up the mountain alone in the middle of the winter or you’re heading to the national park for a long summer vacation with the family, you’re going to need a hiking stove you can depend on. You wouldn’t go climbing without dependable, well-made hiking boots on your feet. You wouldn’t go snowboarding without quality equipment, and you should never go camping without an outdoor stove that you know is going to answer the call time and time again. By choosing one of the best camping stoves from our list, you can be sure you’re covered.


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