Best Hiking Socks

Darn Tough Boot Cushion Socks

Darn Tough Boot Cushion Socks have a homemade quality to them that’s very appealing. By ‘homemade’ we don’t mean that there are lots of loose ends and a questionable fit. We mean they feel like they’ve been made with the wearer’s comfort in mind. These are great cool and, especially, cold weather socks that are nearly 2/3 merino wool with just enough nylon and Spandex tossed into the mix to ensure a snug hold and a non-irritating feel against your skin. All Darn Tough hiking socks are knit in the company’s modest facility in unassuming Northfield Vermont.

  • Made in the USA by a family owned and operated business
  • Darn Tough Boot Cushion Socks are 64% merino wool, 33% nylon and 3% Spandex
  • Top quality materials enable fast, effective wicking so feet stay dry and warm
  • Mid-calf socks that help keep lower legs warm on bone-chilling days
  • Some of the best hiking socks Also great for skiing, snowboarding and more
  • Extra padding through the sole absorbs shocks
  • Lifetime no-hassle, no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee

Darn Tough hiking socks is arguably the best socks brand when it comes to hiking socks. They’re comfortable, durable, warm, breathable, attractive and versatile. If you expect more than that from a pair of socks we don’t know what to say. These are an excellent choice for people who enjoy outdoor winter sports. Or for those who just want to ensure their feet stay warm while they’re slogging through the snow and slush on their way to work. And with a lifetime guarantee you have nothing to lose.


MIRMARU Men’s Hiking Socks

Hikers, mountaineers, hunters and other lovers of the great outdoors know how important it is to wear the right socks. Without them, a long day’s hike can turn into a painful slog that ends with you bandaging your feet in the tent at night. These Mirmaru Hiking Socks are marketed to men, but the truth is they’ll do an outstanding job for anyone with feet. They feature a very agreeable mix of cotton, polyester, rubber and Spandex that holds your feet firmly while removing moisture to keep them dry. Rare among socks they also acknowledge that shins need protection too and add a bit of extra padding there.

  • 5 pairs of high-quality hiking socks for a very reasonable price
  • Mirmaru Hiking Socks are 55% cotton, 40% polyester, 3% rubber, and 2% Spandex
  • They provide optimal arch support and compressibility
  • Extra cushioning in the shin and arch of the foot for added trail protection
  • Highly breathable and capable of wicking away moisture quickly and effectively
  • A good choice for 3 season hiking, mountaineering, trail running and more
  • Very durable weave that resists tearing and wear spots

The high cotton content means they are not true winter hiking socks. But for most outdoor activities between March and October they’re hard to beat. Especially for the price. They’re undeniably comfortable, prevent chafing, protect your shins from trail hazards like loose stones, tree roots and low hanging branches and they are machine washable for easy, no nonsense care. You won’t find a better overall value in 3 season hiking or camping socks.


MERIWOOL Merino Wool Hiking Socks for Men and Women

Merino wool can trace its origins to 12th century Spain where it helped lift that part of Europe out of the economic dark ages. Ever since then it has been helping keep people warm and comfortable through the long winter months. These Meriwool men’s and women’s hiking socks are a great example of what makes merino wool such an in-demand fabric. They’re comfortable, durable, wick away moisture, and won’t irritate your skin. Also, being 25% nylon and Spandex they produce a fair amount of compression that prevents blood pooling in your lower legs and feet from standing all day.

  • Meriwool Hiking Socks are 75% merino wool, 15% nylon and 10% Spandex
  • True winter hiking socks that won’t let you down in cold weather like cotton socks will
  • A very breathable sock that prevents overheating
  • Unisex design means they’ll adapt easily to anyone’s feet
  • Great for hiking, hunting, ice climbing, ice fishing, skiing, snowmobiling and much more
  • Merino wool is highly odor resistant even after long days on the trail
  • 90-day money back satisfaction guarantee on every pair

With lots of arch support and a smooth toe seam to reduce chafing, these are ideal 4 season socks that will find favor with hikers, hunters, skiers, snowboarders and more. They hold your lower legs and feet firmly, won’t spend all day bunched up inside your boots and 3 pairs won’t break your bank. Meriwool Merino Wool Hiking Socks are more than just great socks. They’re a great investment that helps ensure wintertime fun for men and women.


Feideer Men’s Hiking Socks

By default people often think the best boot socks must extend at least 6 inches or so up the lower leg. But that’s not always necessary, or even desirable. During the warm weather months high socks can be a real drag, causing your feet to overheat and your lower legs to get sweaty and uncomfortable. Enter, Feideer Men’s Hiking Socks. These comfortable, stylish socks extend just over the top of the ankle bone, and that’s it. The result is a more enjoyable warm weather hike in any and all conditions.

  • Package of 3 men’s hiking socks
  • Feideer Men’s Hiking Socks are 75% cotton, 22% polyester, and 3% Spandex
  • The Spandex enables the socks to hold your feet comfortably without slipping down
  • These socks are very breathable and do a great job wicking away moisture
  • Outstanding support through the arch and elasticized ribbed cuffs
  • Extra thick in the toes and heel to prevent chafing
  • Designed to fit men with size 10 – 13 feet

Feideer Mens Hiking Socks protect your ankles from your hiking boots. The elasticized cuff and 3% Spandex ensure the socks stay in place and won’t slip down on you. The heel has a bit of extra cushioning to absorb shocks from driving your heel into the trail. And, since downhill hiking can be very tough on the toes as they are jammed into the front of the hiking boots, there’s extra padding in the toe of Feideer’s Men’s Hiking Socks too. This absorbs some of the downward force and helps prevent bruising and blisters, as well as lost toenails.


Smartwool Hiking Socks

Cold weather clothing and gear for cold weather sports have come a long way in the past 50 years. But no matter how much better today’s overcoats, ski boots and sunglasses may be there is one component of the basic winter outfit that has not changed much: the humble winter sock. 50 years ago the best hiking socks were made from merino wool. And today, that is still the case. Smartwool Hiking Socks are a prime example of why the best wool socks are still the gold standard when it comes to winter footwear.

  • Designed and fabricated in the USA
  • Smartwool Hiking Socks are 66% merino wool, 33% nylon and 1% Elastane
  • Great all-purpose outdoor socks for a variety of winter activities
  • Extra cushioning in the sole absorbs downward forces from hiking and skiing
  • Mesh zones built into the socks ensure optimal breathability
  • Can be machine washed and tumble dried
  • Provide outstanding support through the arch and heel

Smartwool Hiking Socks are light, comfortable, warm, moisture wicking and extremely durable. They’re marketed as a men’s sock. And they certainly fulfill that role just fine. But many women will also find they fulfill their winter footwear needs. And as they’re available in half a dozen neutral colors they’ll also go well with a variety of outfits. No ordinary socks can compete with the best heated socks for warmth. But Smart Wool Hiking Socks give them a run for their money. For many years Smartwool has delivered on their promises. So while they cost a bit more, we think they’re well worth the investment.


Thorlos Mens Max Cushion Hiking Socks

Thorlos Mens Max Cushion Hiking Crew Socks are excellent warm weather hiking socks that wrap your feet in all day comfort. They’re very durable, yet light enough to not to be a problem when you’re hiking a ridge on a hot summer day. Thorlos provides extra padding in the heel and ball of the foot, where downward pressure is most intense while hiking. They’re also cushioned through the arch for additional support and to reduce the odds of developing fallen arches. If you are an outdoor enthusiast who has been looking for a great warm weather sock, The Thorlos Max Cushion Hiking Crew Sock should be on your shopping list.

  • Thorlos socks are designed and made right here in the USA
  • Max Cushion Hiking Socks are 65% polyester, 16% nylon, 14% acrylic and 5% Elastan
  • The undetectable toe seam makes them some of the best hiking socks to prevent blisters
  • The socks are very light, moisture-wicking and breathable
  • Some of the best socks for support through the forefoot and arch
  • The fabric blend is very durable and will provide years of reliable performance
  • Additional padding absorbs shocks from driving your foot into the trail

Hiking in the summer seems like it should be easy. But the heat presents some significant challenges. Besides dehydration and overheating, it can be difficult to find socks that protect your feet while also providing adequate padding and ventilation. These warm socks for men are an effective, affordable way to make sure your 3-season outdoor experiences don’t end in fallen arches and painful blisters.


Time May Tell Merino Wool Hiking Socks

As a general rule when it comes to outdoor socks for activities like hiking, skiing, snowboarding, hunting and more, cotton is out and wool is in. The best, most comfortable and effective type of wool used in socks is merino wool. While there is no such thing as waterproof hiking socks, socks made of merino wool come pretty close. Time May Tell Merino Wool Hiking Socks are some of the warmest socks you will find and merino wool gives them true cold weather credibility other socks can’t compete with. If sitting all day in a duck blind, or snowboarding in near zero temperatures has your feet crying foul, try these Merino Wool Hiking Socks from Time May Tell.

  • TMT Hiking Socks are 80% merino wool, 14% nylon, 5% polyester and 1% Spandex
  • These merino wool socks are available in 4 neutral colors
  • Without question they’re some of the best socks for women on this list
  • The socks are highly breathable and remove moisture quickly and effectively
  • Spandex woven into the fabric ensures they hug your feet from toe to heel to calf
  • Perfect from winter hiking, ice climbing, hunting, snowboarding and much more

Winter poses three fundamental challenges for sock makers: keeping feet warm when people are standing or sitting still. Wicking away moisture to ensure comfort and prevent odors. And making sure their socks don’t irritate the skin or cause chafing or blisters. Time May Tell Merino Wool Hiking Socks are up to all those challenges, and have the added benefits of being both unisex and affordable.


innotree Men’s Full Cushioned Hiking Socks

Innotree Men’s Full Cushioned Hiking Socks are outstanding 3 season socks that provide all day comfort. Whether you’re into hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering or day hikes in the state park these socks will keep your feet warm and dry and protect them from blisters, chafing and overheating. These hiking socks from Innotree have 5% Spandex woven into the fabric so they hug your feet, support your arches and don’t wind up in a gnarly bunch at the front of your boots. They also look great so you can wear them confidently with shorts.

  • 3 pack of men’s hiking socks in various patterns
  • Innotree Men’s Hiking Socks are 50% cotton, 45% nylon and 5% Spandex
  • Extra cushioning in the soles absorbs shocks to prevent arch and leg fatigue
  • They extend up the shin to protect from tall hiking boots
  • The combination of Spandex and fine-gauge knitting provides beneficial compression
  • Reinforced toe protects you from the pressures of downhill hiking
  • Outstanding camping, hiking and trekking socks

While the cotton means they’re not a great choice for winter, they are first-class 3-season socks that will keep you warm on cool October mornings. They may also be the best socks for sweaty feet, or for prevening sweaty feet on hot summer days. The extra padding along the sole does a great job absorbing shocks over the course of a long day. The Spandex means you won’t have to be constantly pulling your socks back up. And the fine-gauge knitting prevents your feet from swelling up over the course of the day.


FALKE Mens TK2 Socks

Keeping your feet dry and comfortable while hiking is important. 3 season hiking socks are designed to do just that. But when it comes to 3 season socks why should you have to wear one type when you’re on the trail and another type when you’re at work? Wouldn’t it be great if your socks multitasked as effectively as you do? Well, the Falke Mens TK2 Socks do. The same things that enable them to keep your feet cool and comfortable also make them great every day socks for work or play.

  • TK2 Socks are 40% polypropylene, 28% acrylic, 22% wool, 9% polyamide and 1% Elastane
  • TK2 are great hiking and camping socks, and can also be worn to the office for all day support
  • These socks do a tremendous job wicking away moisture and letting your feet breath
  • With just a bit of wool blended into the fabric they’re good for cool days
  • Falke Mens TK2 Socks can be machine washed and tumble dried

In today’s challenging economic times there is nothing like a great value. And that is exactly what Falke Mens TK2 Socks represent. They’ll help you stay on track on the trail, but they’re also one of the best walking socks, ensuring you have plenty of arch support while you cross town in your business shoes. And when those cool October and November days start nipping at your toes, Falke TK2 Socks will ensure your piggies stay nice and warm. For all those reasons they’re some of the best socks for men.


YUEDGE Hiking Training Socks

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced 3 season hiking sock consider the Yuedge Hiking Training Socks for men and women. These cushioned crew-style socks are woven from a very agreeable combination of combed cotton, polyamide and Spandex to provide breathability and comfort. They feel great inside hiking boots short and tall as well as trail running shoes. The Spandex in the weave gives the socks a compressibility that’s important for hikers who are on their feet all day. That compressibility keeps the blood circulating and prevents swollen feet and the threat of DVT.

  • Yuedge Hiking Training Socks are 80% combed cotton, 17% polyamide and 3% Spandex
  • The thick, ‘towel bottom’ design helps absorb shocks while hiking
  • Elasticized arch and welt ensures the socks don’t wind up bunched inside your boots
  • The weave is very breathable and does a good job wicking moisture
  • A little extra padding in the shin protects against trail hazards
  • The socks are ideal for 3 season climbing, football, basketball, biking and more
  • Available in a variety of colors to match a variety of tastes

Keep in mind these are not the best hiking socks for winter. The cotton and lack of wool should make that apparent. They are, however, outstanding 3 season hiking socks that will make your outdoor adventures safer and a lot more enjoyable. From the elasticized arches to the towel bottom and the very agreeable fit, they’re the kind of socks any dedicated outdoor lover will be glad to have on their feet or in their pack.


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